Other equipment for CO2 installations

Except evaporator manufacturing, our offer related to carbon dioxide also includes manufacturing and supplies of other equipment, such as pressure restoration exchangers, condensing systems, pressure reduction systems, etc. We supplied the automatics and control systems, complex management and supervision systems for the operation of tanks, condensation systems and evaporators.

The condensing systems we have developed are smaller and consume significantly lower amounts of electric energy than commonly used solutions of Western companies.

We have designed and we are manufacturing a globally unique, external condensing system used for pressure reduction within existing vertical tanks, not equipped with a built-in coil (an internal heat exchanger). The unique character of the solution results from the ability to have the condensing system placed at the ground level and to have it connected to a tank of several meters in height – without making it necessary to have a piping directed to the top of the tank or to use pumps. One of the customers using this type of equipment is i.e. STOCZNIA GDAŃSK

This solution is legally protected with a patent application registered in 2012.

We cooperate with the BARTKOWIAK company in the field of supplying complete carbon dioxide installations, and together we can provide complex services – supplies of all types of equipment: the tank, the condensing system, the evaporator, the automation, etc., operation surveillance, maintenance and periodic inspections, as well as supplies of carbon dioxide itself.