About us

The tradition of our company dates back to 1983 – when Mr Zdzisław Grobelny decided to use his experience gained during his career and employment at different, state-owned companies, and started his own business under the name of Refrigeration Technical Services. The company has been continuously developing ever since – as we always say – throughout evolution, not revolution, i.e. we have implemented the rule of balanced development. Throughout its existence, the company has been a typical, family-owned business – since 2002, after his graduation, the duty of company management is gradually taken over by son of the founder – Mr Przemysław Grobelny. The most important part of our business is maintaining high standards of business ethics, we are a solid partner to our suppliers and customers. We offer our employees good working conditions, which result in a long-lasting, cohesive and stable team which enables us to plan the further development of the company at ease and with confidence.

We have always been interested in all novelties in the field of refrigeration services, since late 1990s we have also started business within the related area of carbon dioxide applications. Except traditional activities within the field of refrigeration, currently we are also an important manufacturer of modern atmospheric carbon dioxide evaporators, condensing systems used for lowering pressures inside carbon dioxide tanks, as well as of many more key elements of industrial carbon dioxide installations. Our customers can be found amongst the biggest Polish, European and global companies related to these installations (KOMPANIA PIWOWARSKA, CARLSBERG, ACP Polska, CARBO, STOCZNIA GDAŃSK, etc.) Our equipment meets the requirements of world-class products within the field.

The full range of our business activity can be found on the following internet sites:

www.grobelny.com.pl - the main website of our company
www.suszeniekondensacyjne.pl - a website dedicated to manufacturing of condensation dryers for wood
www.carbon2oxide.com - a website dedicated to manufacturing of carbon dioxide equipment
www.suchy-lod.com - a website dedicated to carbon dioxide manufacturing